The Bay Area ITS Architecture is the blueprint for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) project coordination and integration in the San Francisco Bay Area. ITS is the application of communication and computing technologies to improve transportation safety, operations, and efficiency. This definition encompasses a broad range of technologies and has created many opportunities for transportation professionals to respond proactively to increasing demand for effective transportation services. Many of these opportunities are predicated upon effective coordination between organizations, at both the institutional and technical level.

The Architecture was prepared under the direction of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and updated in 2011 based on input from a broad range of stakeholders. Its purpose is to facilitate ITS planning and to aid in coordinated ITS project development, procurement, and delivery. The updated ITS Architecture is provided as a fully interactive, hyperlinked website for more convenient access and usability for project sponsors.  A printable version will be available by the end of January .

This website satisfies federal requirements for Regional ITS Architecture development and maintenance. Agencies in the Bay Area that implement ITS projects using Federal transportation funds are required to be consistent with the Bay Area ITS Architecture (pursuant to 23 CFR 940.9 and 940.11).  In addition, ITS projects must comply with system engineering requirements and applicable Federal standards.  This Architecture provides all the components required by the FHWA Final Rule and FTA Policy for regional ITS architectures.

The Bay Area ITS Architecture has an overall organization that differs from that of most regional ITS architectures for the primary purpose of increasing the architecture's use and accessibility by project sponsors. This site is built for quick reference and easy navigation between topics. The navigation bar to the left provides access to tools and information for Bay Area public agencies that wish to do the following:

>> I want to find my project

>> I am looking for information on using the Bay Area ITS Architecture to guide me through project planning and development

The site has been designed to be understandable for non-ITS professionals and as such, acronyms and industry jargon has been avoided wherever possible. Abbreviations used throughout the site for Bay Area stakeholder names are defined in the Stakeholder Information. Abbreviations for technical terms within the project list are spelled out in the project inventory, organized by Stakeholders and by Category. ITS related technical terms can be found in the Glossary provided by the National ITS Architecture.

Throughout the Architecture there are links to definitions, resources, and reference material to further explain ITS architecture topics. All information specific to a stakeholder is listed under Stakeholder Information. Project specific information is shown here. Project sponsors can also be found in the Project Sequencing Table. The details showing communication connections between projects are shown under Architecture Details.